n absence of the crystalline lens. Describes the eye after removal of a cataract -aphakic adj.


n inability to swallow – aphagic adj.

Apgar score

measure used to evaluate general condition of a newborn baby, developed by an American anesthetist, Dr. Virginia Apgar. A score of 0, I, or 2 is given using criteria of heart rate, respiratory effort, skin color, muscle tone and reflex response to a nasal catheter. A score of between 8 and 10 would indicate a baby in excellent condition, whereas a score below 7 would cause concern.


n the summit or top of anything which is cone-shaped, e.g., the tip of the root of a tooth.. In a heart of normal size the apical beat (systolic impulse) can be seen or felt in the 5th left intercostal space in the mid-clavicular line – apices pl, apical adj.

Apert’s syndrome

congenital craniosynostosis accompanied by deformities of the hands. -> syndactyly, acrocephalosyndactyly.


n absence of peristaltic movement in the bowel. Characterizes the condition of paralytic ileus – aperistaltic adj.


n tablets containing aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine.


n demonstration of the aorta after introduction of an opaque medium, either via a catheter passed along the femoral or brachial artery or by direct translumbar injection – aortographic adj, aortogram n, aortograph n.